First international company outside Sweden to get their sustainability work verified

SmartHead is the first company outside Sweden to get their sustainability work verified according to the self-declaration in ISO26000. SmartHead provides software tools for companies of all sizes to manage, track, report and communicate their sustainability activities. Their offices are located in London, Prague and Bratislava.
– Being ISO26000 verified is a great step in our sustainability journey, says Veri Osvald, CEO at SmartHead.

ISO26000 is an international standard that focuses on guidance for organisation’s societal responsibility. In 2021 Sweden decided to revise the standard and the associated Self-Declaration and to include the Sustainable Development Goals. The Self-Declaration is related to the fact that ISO26000 provides guidance rather than requirements, so it cannot be certified against. Instead, organisations can choose to verify their self-declaration on their sustainability work and thereby ensure transparency and trustworthiness of their sustainability work.

“Helps us to be a credible partner”
SmartHead is a B2B digital solution for optimizing a company’s performance through effective measuring, reporting, and transparently communicating sustainability results to stakeholders. SmartHead is also about sharing best practices and know-how, and are trusted by companies such as Dell Technologies, Tesco, Henkel, Oriflame, McDonald’s, IBM and BMW.
– At SmartHead we continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance. Being ISO26000 verified by an accredited third party such as VERIFY Agency of Sweden is a great step in our sustainability journey. It motivates us to be better, to do more and to do things right. The verification also helps us to be a credible partner in the eyes of our stakeholders, including employees, business partners, investors and customers. We have incorporated sustainability since our very beginning and we are committed to doing so for as long as we have an active role to play in society, says Veri Osvald.

Sustainability is the future
– Transforming a business from traditional to sustainable requires changing how we think, how we act, and the way we conduct day-to-day business. Within the next 10 years, economic power will move into the hands of millennials and Generation Z. These groups already consider sustainability to be a key element in deciding who they want to work for, buy from, cooperate with, and invest in. As a millennial myself, I know this to be 100% true. But we at SmartHead understand that crucial changes are only possible if they’re done step-by-step, and it’s a long-term process for every company. Getting your sustainability work verified by a third party is a great way how you can move your sustainability work forward, Veri Oswald continues.

Great interest in getting verified
The issuer of the verification is VERIFY Agency of Sweden, which is the first company in the world to have been accredited to verify organisation’s statements according to the international standard ISO17029. ISO17029 is the first standard in the world that can be used to verify and confirm the accuracy of statements from organisations and companies. Examples of statements can be self-declarations and different kind of reports. VERIFY Agency is accredited by SWEDAC, that belongs to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
– VERIFY Agency is thereby also the first company in the world to offer verification of the ISO26000 self-declaration, which is our first program, and more will come, says Eva Vati, founder and CEO of VERIFY Agency.
– We notice a great interest among companies to get their ISO26000 self-declaration, and thus their sustainability work, verified since it strengthens their brand and helps to secure the future of their companies, Eva Vati adds.


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