Get verified and strengthen your brand and competitiveness.

The Self-Declaration can be used as a sustainability report, in order for it to be more credible it needs to be verified. Verifying the self-declaration is also a way to ensure the quality of your sustainability work.


As a Certified Impact Auditor you can get assignments through VERIFY Agency.

As a Certified Impact Auditor you will help companies and organisations improve in awareness and responsibility while working towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, by verifying their sustainability work according to the ISO26000 Self-Declaration.

Verification of your sustainability work

The audit and verification include, that VERIFY Agency ensures your accuracy regarding your answers to the questions in the Self-Declaration. The audit also includes:

  • Review of relevant parts of your management system
  • Interview of relevant stakeholders
  • Issuance of assessment report
  • Issuance of verification decision

At the end of your verification, you will receive a statement of the verification.  

Do you want to get an offer? Contact us. Or start by doing the Temperature Test
– the first step towards getting verified!

Pilot company

Do you want to get help with:

  • Doing a gap-analysis of your sustainability work
  • Pre-verification for the ISO26000 Self-Declaration
  • Through a materiality assessment choose which of the Sustainable Development Goals that are relevant to your business?
  • Integrate all this in your business strategy?

Then take this opportunity and sign up to become a pilot company to one of our Certified Impact Auditor-participants. It costs 8.900 SEK to be a pilot company, plus the cost of the ISO26000 standard and the associated self-declaration (approx. SEK 2,500).

For Auditors

Certified Impact Auditor

More and more companies are now accelerating their sustainability work, which also leads to an increased demand for auditors who can verify their sustainability work. Do you want to be one of these auditors?  Then take the chance to become a “Certified Impact Auditor”.  Read about the course in Swedish


When you become a Certified Impact Auditor you have the opportunity to get matched for verification assignments as an independent consultant to VERIFY Agency. Contact us to learn more.