Our vision: Ensure transparency in organisations worldwide

Verify your organisation's sustainability work

Ensure you are aligned with ESG reporting and future regulations such as the new EU-directive CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)  by verifying your sustainability statements. 

By doing so you become transparent and trustworthy, which strengthens your competitiveness and contributes to future proof your organisation.

We work with the program ISO26000, which is an international sustainability standard. By verifying your sustainability work according to the Self-Declaration in IS026000 you maximize your contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Get access to the Self-Declaration questions for free here below to see where your organisation is today, find out the gap and areas of improvement.

Why get Verified?

Secure funding

Banks and investors require financial and non-financial (sustainable) reporting, and your ISO26000 Self-Declaration can serve as your sustainability report. 

Get your license to operate

Ensure you align with ESG and future regulations such as the EU-directive CSRD

Strengthen your competitiveness in both public and private procurement

Attract the best talents

Today employees and talents want to work in companies with a clear higher purpose. By verifying your sustainability work you ensure transparency and trustworthiness.

Step 1 - Temperature test

The first step towards getting verified is to take a temperature measurement of your organisations’ sustainability work. The results from the test will be the foundation for the next step where you discuss your sustainability work with VERIFY Agency and decide the way forward in your verification process.
So, get started, take the test!

Our Services


Get verified and strengthen your brand and competitiveness.

The Self-Declaration can be used as a sustainability report, in order for it to be more credible it needs to be verified. Verifying the self-declaration is also a way to ensure the quality of your sustainability work.


As a Certified Impact Auditor you can get assignments through VERIFY Agency.

As a Certified Impact Auditor you will help companies and organisations improve in awareness and responsibility while working towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, by verifying their sustainability work according to the ISO26000 Self-Declaration.

Why choose us?

  • We have an international accreditation to verify companies’ sustainability statements

  • We help you create impact 

  • We work glocally – which means we work globally, but locally with our verification processes

  • We are time- and cost-efficient



VERIFY Agency is the first company in the world to have been accredited to verify organisation’s statements, according to ISO17029. VERIFY Agency is thereby also the first company in the world to offer verification of the ISO26000 Self-Declaration.

The company started in the spring of 2021 as a response to the fact that Sweden decided to revise the ISO26000 standard, including the associated Self-Declaration, and include the Sustainable Development Goals. The reason for the revision was to make it easier for companies and public enterprises to use it as a tool in sustainable procurement. This means that suppliers to these companies and public enterprises now can qualify in a simple way by using the Self-Declaration as their sustainability report.

By verifying the Self-Declaration, it becomes more credible. It is also a way to ensure the quality of your sustainability work.

VERIFY Agency is accredited by SWEDAC, which belongs to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and reports to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs. www.swedac.se 

Eva Vati – Founder & CEO


Sustainable Developement Goals

Making the SDGs and Agenda 2030 linked to your core strategy is a choice, and a choice that have many implications. But it is a choice that is increasingly recognised as a necessary condition for the delivery of long term value, both to direct stakeholders and wider society.

It’s Good for Business and Good for the World!

Get help integrating the SDGs into your business strategy.


Verified organisations

Here you find the organisations that have gotten their Self-Declaration verified by VERIFY Agency.