VERIFY Agency is the first company in the world to have been accredited to verify organisation’s statements, according to ISO17029. VERIFY Agency is thereby also the first company in the world to offer verification of the ISO26000 Self-Declaration.

The company started in the spring of 2021 as a response to the fact that Sweden decided to revise the ISO26000 standard, including the associated Self-Declaration, and include the Sustainable Development Goals. The reason for the revision was to make it easier for companies and public enterprises to use it as a tool in sustainable procurement. This means that suppliers to these companies and public enterprises now can qualify in a simple way by using the Self-Declaration as their sustainability report.

By verifying the Self-Declaration, it becomes more credible. It is also a way to ensure the quality of your sustainability work.

VERIFY Agency is accredited by SWEDAC, that belongs to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and reports to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs.

Eva Vati – Founder & CEO

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Swedac is the national accreditation body for Sweden. Amongst other things, this means that the authority accredits laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies in accordance with international standards and regulations. It also cooperates with the accreditation bodies and legal metrology authorities in other countries in order to ensure a common interpretation and application of different standards.

Swedac belongs to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and reports to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs.

Learn more about Swedac here: www.swedac.se



The verification of information declared in claims is a key way of demonstrating that what is said is reliable and true, but only if those performing this confirmation are doing it correctly. The ISO17029 standard ensures that the verifiers are competent, so everyone can have confidence in the claims.

ISO17029 is an international standard that has been developed by experts globally. It is the first standard in the world that can be used to verify and confirm the accuracy of statements from organisations and companies. Examples of statements can be self-declarations and different kind of reports.

Learn more about ISO17029 in English here, and in Swedish here

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